Review: SSDVM.Net FREE VPS — Quick Plan

Thanks @ssdvm from LET. He offered 10 free VPS for life last week and I was so lucky to get one.

The detail of the plan:

  • [»]Name: Quick
  • [»]Disk: 10GB
  • [»]Bandwidth: 1000GB
  • [»]Dedicated Memory: 512MB
  • [»]Burstable Memory(vSwap): 1024MB
  • [»]CPU Share: Equal Share
  • [»]IP Address: 1
  • [»]Price :6.96$ using Promo Code (LET10)
  • [»]7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • [»]24/7 support

Order Link :

Discount code: LET10

I have ever contacted them by ticket about the ipv6 and location. Their supporting is nice and reply me quickly.

“Thank you for contacting us,
Unfortunately at the moment we don’t offer/support IPv6, however this is something that we will be adding in the near future.
And yes all our current nodes are from OVH.”

I have also queried the IP address and got its location is in France. Hope that they will support the ipv6 soon.

Now let me show the testing about the server.
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